Football Fan

I have been a big fan of football since I was very young. I have always found the details of the game interesting. I enjoy professional football greatly & always try to stay current with the major game updates every week during the season but I must admit that my first love is College football. There are so many differences in the 2 games that the game plays out entirely different. I have spent years watching, analyzing & betting on sports. It seems to me that the college sport is played with much more passion by people who love the game. That I not to say that professional football players don’t love the game because I am sure that they do. I only mean to say that in college football the love of the game seems pure while professional players have so many influences which cause a totally different outlook compared to when they were in college.

It is likely that if you are an avid watcher of college football as well as professional football you already know what I am talking about. There is a raw ingredient to the game which causes a person to be more aware of every play. You know that they people on the field are not there for money & that they are not worried about getting cut & losing millions of dollars in salary. The list goes on & on. There are just more pollutants in the professional sport than at the college level. Some people do not recognize this or they credit other factors with the points that I have just discussed but for anyone with experience the difference is easy to locate & there is no way to hide the fact for very long.

Think about the drive, hunger & passion of a young man in college still trying to prove himself & earn a position on a professional sports team. Now compare that with lets say a pro player in his 8th or 9th year. The differences are easy to see. One thinks only about giving every play his all while the other thinks often about injury & salary & how much time he has left to play. It is easy to see why there is a deference in the style of play we see from the two individuals. They are in different places in their life & career. One has more experience but the other has more drive. It is very hard to tell which of these is a better trait to have but there can be no doubt that the resulting gameplay is definitely not the same.

It is really just my personal preference & this does not mean I do not thoroughly enjoy both.

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