Video Gaming

When we take a look at the landscape of the video game market we see all sorts of different titles. There are so many genres and categories of video games it is almost breathtaking. They continuously make new ones and older ones become obsolete. It is amazing to think that college football actually plays a relatively huge role in this market. There are several games which have several follow ups. There are a lot of sequels to some game franchises like Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy and Super Mario Bros.. Very, very rarely do we come across a game that can boast the number of sequels or the regularity with which they are released as the NCAA college football game. There was a group of us Australians all attending Standford that were avid players of video gaming, particularly the NCAA college football game.

One of my friends’ mothers, also an Aussie, still keeps in touch with us via her daughter’s Aussie Classmates page. She, like her the mother, is making her mark in real estate development. We compare notes on what we’re up to and all. Recently, the mother, was a guest speaker at what is called in Australia, a First Ladies’ luncheon. Here in the states we just call it a networking luncheon for woman. She was discussing real estate at the luncheon, but she also said that she got into an very animated discussion with an American regarding NCAA college football video gaming. It’s crazy but most of us (some mothers and fathers included) still play video games and are still into the great American sport via NCAA college football video gaming.

A new one comes out every single year and there are literally lines of people waiting for it to be released every time. Not only that but it creates a buzz with the number of pre-order that are requested on a regular basis as well.

The story gets even more exciting in my point of view. There are a lot of football games of the market. There is Madden which is also a big, big seller every single year. It would be no big surprise to any body if the market was cornered by the NFL video game leaving no one interested in the college version. It is amazing that people can buy one football game & play it for a few months only to put it aside when the next one comes out. While the 2 are not exactly the same they are very similar. The programmers are genius in this area because the change the game play enough from year to year & make the 2 games different enough that the players just eat them both up.

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