Video Gaming (cont.)

If you have ever taken time to play these games you know there is always enough of a difference that you find features in the game play of both that you enjoy or even prefer.

The reason for the regularity of release is built right into the actual game. Every year rosters change for college football teams because there is a graduating class & new try outs. The actual players change a lot from year to year so it actually becomes necessary to update the game every year. Football fans know this & it would be very hard to satisfy them with anything short of current information. Imagine if you were a fan of the Fighting Irish, or Notre Dame for those of you who don’t understand. If you follow the actual team then you would want to see the current players represented with the changing of the tide every year. There is a market for is & people buy the game so every year a new one is made.

With modern technology we have the arrival of more and more update versions of virtual reality. There are already some very real VR headsets and motion tracking sensors are in use with them as sell. The game just keeps getting more real. It is not just that there are some very good VR systems that include moving chairs and extra add-on capability to adapt it for the requirements of any games. There are NASCAR racing add-ons that include a steering wheel and peddles, for example.

When talking about the next generation of football video games it is hard to tell where they will go but it is easy to imagine. Imagine putting on a VR helmet and looking out at the crown. There have not been many people that have been fortunate enough to look out at the field or stadium from where the QB gets to stand. Not only can they make that happen now, they can go so much further. You can actually call the plays and run them in virtual reality. You can see if the defense is showing the rush and call the audible yourself. You can to dodge players from the opposing team until you see the opening for a completed pass and you can even take over the receiver in order to ensure he catches the ball and turns it into a touchdown. Then, in accordance with league rules you can celebrate the touchdown with an appropriate celebration but do not go too far or your bound to draw the ire of the refs and earn a flag… It truly is amazing how far technology has come and it is kind of scary how far it will go. I for one am more excited than scared for sure.